I (Boetie) am an Amsterdam based Designer, currently graduating my BA study Graphic Design at ArtEZ, University of the Arts in Arnhem.

My work is often revolving around this new digital age that we’re living in, and how we can deal with that.
I’m always busy learning about human vulnerability and its future. With my work I hope to make space for deeper connections and conversations, and to find comfort in familiarities. 

Besides that, I am also fascinated by anything that moves through time. With my work I try to hold on to every moment that appears in this life.

For any inquiries you can reach me here.
Full Curriculum Vitae on request.

Graduation Bachelor of the Arts, ArtEZ, Arnhem

Internship at independent artist
Rosa Sijben, Amsterdam

‘Blue Funday’ co-host
event, Amsterdam

Algorithmic Fitness,
exhibition Motel Spatie, Arnhem

‘Reclaim the Streets’ poster contest
Affiche Gallery the Hague & 3sec Gallery Breda 

exhibition Kronenburg, Arnhem

[2017 - now] 
BA Graphic Design
ArtEZ University of the Arts